The Black Devil and the White Prince

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"You'd better defer to me." Girl who's never fallen in love vs extremely sadistic devilish boy... upbeat and pop teenage student life drama is about to begin!
Responding to its success in Japan which recorded 1.2 billion-yen at the box office and over 1 million attendance, it was also released in Taiwan and is getting much attention in other Asian countries.

Category Feature Film Released: February 27, 2016
Original Work“Kurosakikun no iinarininante naranai” by Makino (KODANSHA KC BETSUFURE)
ScriptYuko Matsuda
DirectorSho Tsukikawa
CastKento Nakajima, Nana Komatsu, Yudai Chiba, Sara Takatsuki, Yuta Kishi and others
Project Management“The Black Devil and the White Prince” Production Committee
    Project Management : Yasuhito Nakae(AOI Pro.)
    Film Production Producer : Akihiko Yose(AOI Pro.) / Mio Morita(AOI Pro.)

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The Black Devil and the White Prince