Battle of Supreme High

Produced by AOI Pro.

At Japan’s renowned educational institution, Kaitei High School, the student body president is a shoo-in as a future cabinet member.
It is April, the beginning of the school year. Teiichi Akaba (Masaki Suda), a young man burning with ambition, gets top score in the entrance exam to the school. His dream: to become prime minister and design his own country. Teiichi wastes no time to snag that president position. The moves he makes during his freshman year will be crucial. He cannot afford to make any missteps. After all, his rivals are the 800 brainiest high school students in the country. How can he conquer them all and survive? What awaited Teiichi were ordeals beyond his wildest imagination. The high-stakes student body election kicks off!

©2017 Fuji Television Network SHUEISHA TOHO ©Usamaru Furuya / SHUEISHA

Category Feature Film Released: April 29, 2017
Original Work“Teiichi no kuni” by Usamaru Furuya (SHUEISHA JUMP COMICS)
CastMasaki Suda, Nomura Shuhei, Takeuchi Ryoma, Shotaro Mamiya, Jun Shison, Yudai Chiba / Mei Nagano, Koutarou Yoshida
ScriptYoshihiro Izumi
MusicTakashi Watanabe
Planning and Project ManagementFuji Television Network
ProductionAOI Pro. Inc.
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    Director : Akira Nagai(AOI Pro.)
    Producer : Yuho Tadano(AOI Pro.)
    Assistant Producer : Shoko Okamura(AOI Pro.) / Megumi Banse(AOI Pro.)
    Production Manager : Hiroki Kazama(AOI Pro.)