My Brother Loves Me Too Much

Financed and produced by AOI Pro.

The hugely popular girls’ comic is now a live-action film!
A romantically-challenged young woman is suddenly the love interest of a harem of older brotherly hunks.
Winsome, wistful, and with a hint of danger, the ultimate story of the overly-loved maiden is unveiled!

Category Feature Film Released: June 30, 2017
DirectorHayato Kawai
ScriptYuko Matsuda
Original Work“Ani ni aisare sugite komattemasu” by Rina Yagami (Shogakukan “Sho-Comi”)
CastTao Tsuchiya, Ryota Katayose(GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE), Yudai Chiba
Project Management"My Brother Loves Me Too Much" Production Committee
DistributorShochiku Co., Ltd.
URL Official Website (Japanese)
Twitter (Japanese)
    Producer : Mio Morita(AOI Pro.)
    Film Production Producer : Tsutomu Hirabayashi(AOI Pro.)
    Assistant Producer : Kana Ikeno(AOI Pro.)