His Lost Name

Debut feature film of Hirose Nanako, protégé of world master Kore-eda Hirokazu
Winner of Special Mention at TOKYO FILMeX 2018

A young man is found almost unconscious on a river bank. A middle-aged widower Tetsuro shelters the man who tells nothing but his name “Shin-ichi.” Though baffled by the old man’s eagerness who treats Shin-ichi like his own son by providing a place to live and a job, Shin-ichi starts to feel at ease and tries to confess his past. In the meantime, there is a rumor about an incident a little while ago in the town, and people begin to suspect the stranger.

©2019 "His Lost Name" Production Committee

Category Feature Film Released: January 18, 2019
CastYuya Yagira / YOUNG DAIS, Tsunekichi Suzuki, Keiko Horiuchi, Ai Serikawa, Mika Takaki, Hazuki Shimizu, Ryosuke Takei, Kaoru Iida, Udai Iwasaki / Kaoru Kobayashi
Director/ScreenwriterNanako Hirose
Project ManagementBANDAI NAMCO Arts / AOI Pro. / The Asahi Shimbun Company
DistributorMAGIC HOUR
ProductionAOI Pro.
URL Official Website
    Project Management : Yasuhito Nakae(AOI Pro.)
    Producer : Taichi Ito(AOI Pro.)
    Assistant Producer : Kana Ikeno(AOI Pro.)